SafetyWatch: Adopt a checklist for safety training

November 14, 2019By
Crew members going through safety checklist (Photo: Greenius)

A few reasons to adopt a standard checklist for safety training As the year is winding down, it’s a good time to reevaluate how your company keeps track of its safety training. Training checklists can be a supervisor’s best friend. This is where knowledge moves from theory to practice under the guidance of management. The nice thing about checklists is... read more

Preseason preparations: early order programs

November 14, 2019By
Man spraying (Photo: Bayer)

Whenever landscape or lawn care companies can find savings on products they’re already going to purchase, it’s worth looking into. The exact amount of savings vary with early order programs (EOPs), but these programs can result in benefits for companies — especially the earlier and larger the purchases. Three lawn care professionals share their experiences with EOPs and what they’ve... read more

Editorial Advisory Board: October 2019

November 14, 2019By

How can landscape companies become more energy efficient? Landscape Professionals Richard Bare Arbor-Nomics Turf Norcross, Ga. “Everyone should be converting over to the Husqavarna, Honda or Stihl electric automowers, so you can use the mowing operators for landscaping or hardscape operations — for higher profitability. It’s coming; may as well beat your competition to the electrical outlet!” Paul Fraynd Sun... read more

Early order program checklist

November 14, 2019By
Checklist (Photo: iStock.com/Roman Valiev)

Before they can start using an early order program (EOP), landscape and lawn care companies must first complete the manufacturers’ forms and submit any required documentation. The specific information needed will vary among brands, but there are some key components that most will ask for when signing up for the programs or rebates — including general information and purchase invoices.... read more

What landscapers should know about insurance

November 14, 2019By
Person signing papers (Photo: iStock.com/peopleimages)

No one plans to have an accident on the job, but it’s important to be prepared if and when the worst happens. Insurance can help protect business owners from injury and damage claims — if they have the right coverage. See what type of insurance landscapers need and how they can take full advantage of the provider’s expertise. Plan options... read more

Top uses for small walk-behind mowers

November 14, 2019By
Toro mower (Photo: Toro)

When determining what type of mower to use, it’s important to first look at the site, says Paul Fraynd, CEO of Sun Valley Landscaping in Omaha, Neb. Often, small, tight areas such as parking lot islands, fenced-in backyards, hillsides and spaces with a lot of obstacles call for smaller mowers. Sun Valley Landscaping uses 21- and 30-inch mowers for many... read more