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Seth’s Cut: Where there’s smoke

October 12, 2020By
Smoke (Photo: mputsylo / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Seth Jones, Abby Hart and Sarah Webb talk with landscape professionals whose businesses have been impacted by the wildfires out West. read more

Path to 12% profit — equipment

October 12, 2020By
Landscape equipment (Photo: Vectorpower / iStock/ Getty Images Plus)

LM columnist Kevin Kehoe describes how landscape professionals can reach 12 percent profit via the equipment key performance indicator. read more

Business Insider: It’s never too early to plan your exit

October 12, 2020By
Board filled with arrows (Photo: Phototechno/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

LM columnist Jeffrey Scott discusses why it's never too early for landscape professionals to plan their exit and lays out how to do it. read more

SafetyWatch: Is your safety and health management plan effective?

October 12, 2020By
Person filling out checklist (Photo: Charday Penn/E+/Getty Images)

Sam Steel, Ed.D., describes how landscape companies can ensure their health and safety management plan is fully effective. read more

Lay the foundation for a strong 2021

October 12, 2020By
Laying brick foundation (Photo: lekkyjustdoit / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

LM Columnist Marty Grunder describes three things landscape professionals can do to lay the foundation for a strong 2021. read more