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The Big One: A healing sanctuary

November 5, 2021By
Photo: Bryan Malloch

The project that earned Lawn Management Co. a Silver Award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Awards of Excellence program. read more

How to talk the talk (of PGRs) with your clients

November 3, 2021By
Some lawn care operators use PGRs to mow less, which, in turn, helps save on labor. (Photo: photovs/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Lawn care operators say plant growth regulators allow weeks between mowing and pruning trips, which can help cut labor costs. read more

How to safely mow steep slopes

November 1, 2021By
Operator mowing steep slope (Photo: Steiner Turf)

Mower operators should focus on safety, not speed, and prioritize traction as hill grades climb when using articulating tractors. read more

How to be on the money with dollar spot control

October 25, 2021By
Dollar spot (Photo: PBI-Gordon Corp.)

Experts from Syngenta, Nufarm and PBI-Gordon share the best ways lawn care operators can prevent and treat dollar spot in lawns. read more

What happens when a hot market meets a chilly labor pool

October 18, 2021By
Landscapers say the nonstop demand for work and the lack of workers is like a sports car out of gas. (Photo: Chris Aluka Berry)

The green industry shares what it's like to keep up with nonstop demand while also struggling to fill open roles on crews. read more

A look back: Labor shortage, nothing new

October 14, 2021By
Art: LM Archives

Landscape company operators have struggled to find qualified workers since the industry began, as evidenced by this story from 1989. read more