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My biggest mistake: Ben Collinsworth

November 1, 2010By

A big boom in business became too much to manage for Texas’ Native Land Design. When the economy was robust and business was booming in 2006/2007, Native Land Design went from a $4 million business to a $10 million one in just two years. “People may think, ‘How could almost tripling your business hurt you?’ and I thought that too,”... read more

Lawncare pro: Alan White

November 1, 2010By

Alan White will soon begin his third decade in business. As the founder and owner of Ontario, Canada-based Turf Systems he’s learned a few important lessons. “Be a part of and participate in your industry,” White says. “It will keep you prepared. You have to know what’s going on around you. You’re never too small to be involved and take... read more

A Cut Above: Keith Carracher

November 1, 2010By

Keith Carracher, owner and president of Complete Property Maintenance is the perfect example of a company culture that encourages building from within. Whether it’s passing out hats and candy on a Friday afternoon, returning the company store’s profits back to employees around the holidays or promoting from inside, it’s about ensuring everyone is part of the company culture. Carracher, who... read more

Water Wise 2010: Part 2

November 1, 2010By

As water becomes scarce, irrigation certification may be the sales edge that eliminates the competition. And for lessons on using water more efficiently and reclaimed water as a resource, look to California and Arizona.   Certification: The professional edge As water use becomes a bigger issue, certification may be required. A california landscape company placed a bid on a contract with a... read more

Lessons from Silas and Lona

November 1, 2010By

Several years ago when it became apparent that my mom was failing I went through a shoebox of photographs she had accumulated over a lifetime that began with a Depression-era childhood in the Appalachian Mountains and will almost certainly end under the loving care of my older sister. I sorted, labeled and burned the photos onto CDs. Among them, of... read more