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‘Fired Up’ landscape companies

November 24, 2012By

It’s been said time and again that there’s more joy to be had in life’s simple things than its big things. A mere smile, thank you or compliment can go a long way in making people feel valued and in generating positive results. And if that’s true in life, the same can be said for life on the job. Whether... read more

The Benchmark: Crossroads of a partnership

November 24, 2012By

Every once in a while you need to take a step back and look at how far you’ve come in business. Smell the roses, as they say. Things have not been easy, but hopefully there has been some growth and success up to this point. The question is, where do you go next? What’s the plan and which road map... read more

Best Practices: Understanding social media

November 24, 2012By

Companies are stretched thin, and everyone is looking for the one new tool that will bring them the greatest value. Unfortunately, there isn’t only one. But if there were, it would be a commitment to shift your business communications strategy to social sites. In 2011, when I decided to pursue a social media strategy, many people said, “Ask Scott.” Scott... read more

Importance of first impressions in the Landscape Industry

November 24, 2012By

Knowing full well that you get what you pay for, I occasionally dabble in Groupon-purchasing. Who doesn’t like a good deal? Plus, as someone who writes about small businesses, I’m intrigued with the process. The draw for most daily deal merchants is less about making money from the deal itself and more about exposure to new customers. After all, Groupon... read more

My Biggest Mistake: Jerry Cashman

November 17, 2012By

Balancing old and new is challenging for a longstanding Montana firm. With a longstanding history in Bozeman, Mont., the family-owned Cashman Nursery & Landscaping is well known for its industry experience. Jerry and Jan Cashman built the present nursery building and landscaping business in 1976, but the original Cashman Nursery dates back to 1898 in Owatonna, Minn. Being a long-established... read more

Add-On Biz: One Arizona business ‘paints it green’

November 17, 2012By

Turf painting could be a solution for customers who want a quick fix. Many homeowners across the country this year saw their turf die or turn yellow thanks to scorching temperatures and unceasing drought. Some people looking for a solution turned to lawn painting as a quicker, cheaper fix than complete lawn overhauls. Brian Howland, founder and president of Arizona... read more