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My biggest mistake: Joel Korte

December 1, 2010By

Joel Korte’s business was strong but depended heavily on only a few major accounts. When he lost one of them — and 30% of his business with it — he realized an important lesson.   In 2001, business was not only strong and stable but growing for Joel Korte, then-owner of Urban Environments, Inc., in Columbus, OH (Korte has since... read more

Water Wise 2010: Part 3

December 1, 2010By

Prepare for opportunities in water With challenges come opportunities. In terms of water use, the choices facing the Green Industry are that stark: discovering and capitalizing on opportunities in the face of challenges. There are many challenges. In the short term the biggest challenge is the anemic economy, which has taken a big bite out of every industry involved with... read more

The mower makes it happen

December 1, 2010By

Even when the economy is good, contractors are looking for ways to do more with less. The current economic conditions have simply reinforced the need to run their businesses more efficiently, to find a way to get more productivity from their crews and, of course, from their equipment. Every year manufacturers try to do their part by releasing new mower... read more