Efficiency Tip: Good questions

January 15, 2016By

As it gets more difficult to find qualified team members, it’s more important to focus company resources on this effort, says Andrew Ziehler, president of Ziehler Lawn & Tree Care in Centerville, Ohio. But he realized the company was spending too much time reviewing applications and interviewing candidates who didn’t meet company requirements. So, about two years ago, the company... read more

Pricing for risk

January 13, 2016By

The profit you earn on each of your services is driven by a few factors: The marketplace, how it’s priced and sold, how efficiently it’s produced and how much overheard you must recover. However, the profit you earn should ultimately reflect the risk associated with each service. The higher the risk, the higher the profit you should aim for. It’s with this... read more

Step by Step: How to prep a landscape bed

January 11, 2016By

Annual color, perennials, ornamental grasses and other plant selections can make a huge impact to your clients’ landscapes. But before you start installing them, you need to prep the bed to make sure the plants will grow and thrive. Start by mapping out where the bed will be and what shape it will have. The contour should match the style... read more

Case Study: Into the woods

January 8, 2016By

Forestry mulching proves to be a beneficial offering for Visual Edge—and its clients.  After posting a sign for “bush hogging,” Andrew Jenkins, president of Visual Edge, was flooded with calls. The inquiries were about clearing large, wooded areas rather than the simple overgrowth he had in mind. Instead of turning work down, he found a way to create a profitable... read more

Labor report: No silver bullet

January 6, 2016By

For most landscape companies, hiring and retaining workers is their top growth challenge. What one word would you use to describe your company’s No. 1 obstacle to growth in 2016?” People. Manpower. Help. Employees. Personnel. Workers. No matter how respondents worded it, some form of the word “labor” was the top answer given to our open-ended Industry Pulse question about... read more

How to explain design fees

January 4, 2016By

Landscape design expert Jody Shilan gives his perspective on this tough question.  Q: How do you explain to clients why you charge for your plans while other companies don’t? A: That’s a great question and one of my favorites to answer. It’s amazing to me that in 2015 we still have to justify to ourselves and our potential customers why... read more