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  • What you should know about goosegrass

    May 14, 2019By
    Goosegrass (Photo: Matt Elmore)

    A weed by any other name would be as bothersome: This grass has the nickname “crowfootgrass” in some regions because its seedheads can resemble a crow’s feet. The center of the plant is whitish in color, so it’s also sometimes referred to as “silver crabgrass.” No matter what name it goes by, it’s never great to find it in a... read more

    What’s the deal with webworms?

    May 14, 2019By
    Sod webworm (Photo: FMC Professional Solutions)

    As adults, sod webworms are long, brownish-gray moths with a wingspan of about 22 millimeters and a snoutlike projection on the front of their heads. Keep an eye out for the adults because it could mean larvae, and they’re the ones who do the real damage. Sod webworm larvae are small, only about 1-13 millimeters in length, and range from... read more

    Maintaining aerators

    May 14, 2019By
    Man aerating (Photo: Exmark)

    Spring and early fall are busy times for aerators. Proper maintenance is important to ensure aerators are ready during these short windows of time. “For most lawn care operators (LCOs), aerators do not run every day — they sit stationary waiting for their season to start and quickly end,” says Brandon King, an engineer for Billy Goat Industries. “The season... read more

    Landscape contractor publishes ebook

    May 7, 2019By

    Rick Wilmath, a landscape contractor, released an ebook titled "Bloomjam," to show landscapers how to create colorful designs using flowering annuals. read more

    Arborjet and Ecologel form new sales division, add to staff

    May 7, 2019By

    Arborjet and Ecologel formed a new Turf Products Sales Division, with the addition of three new hires: Rebecca Knapp, Eric Steffensen and Carin Prechtl. Knapp has 15 years of industry experience, including prior work with both Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer teams. She was the assistant turf and grounds manager for Houston Dynamo and prior to her time in professional... read more

    How to diagnose large patch

    May 6, 2019By
    Large patch Large patch (Photo: Bayer)

    The doctor is in, and we’re looking at the defining symptoms of and best practices for dealing with large patch, one of turf's peskiest problems. read more