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  • FMC offers loyalty program for turf professionals

    September 4, 2019By

    FMC Professional Solutions is now offering a loyalty program for the professional turf and ornamental markets. Enrollment for the program begins immediately. The FMC True Champions rewards program is being integrated with the FMC Early Order Program to provide savings for end users with the ability to lock in their rebates all season long. “We are very pleased to offer... read more

    WinField United Pro adds Turf Tech Tool

    August 28, 2019By

    WinField United Pro unveiled its Turf Tech Tool, a patented turfgrass database that uses data to match turf seed to need. The database can help meet both individual and regional needs. Turf seed decisions are based on objective, vetted data, according to the company. “It takes plant breeders years to get the right genes in the right seed varieties, and... read more

    Bayer launches Now Solutions program

    August 21, 2019By

    The Turf and Ornamental business of Bayer, within the company’s Crop Science division, launched its 2019 Now Solutions program,. The program includes new instant savings on the agronomic solutions turf professionals need to successfully manage turf conditions through critical summer months. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer high performance products in conjunction with cost savings to give lawn and... read more

    PBI-Gordon eliminates ambient temperature restrictions on Avenue South

    August 21, 2019By

    PBI-Gordon Corp. eliminated ambient temperature restrictions on when Avenue South Broadleaf Herbicide can be applied. Avenue South is specifically formulated for use on sensitive southern grasses, including common and improved St. Augustinegrasses such as Floratam and Bitterblue. A proprietary formula, it combines four active ingredients to deliver rapid control of more than 90 listed broadleaf weeds, including doveweed, Virginia buttonweed,... read more

    Prime Source receives registration on selective herbicide

    August 20, 2019By

    Sulfentrazone 4SC Select, a selective herbicide from Prime Source, has been registered for use in the state of California. “The registration of Sulfentrazone 4SC Select in California expands our product portfolio, allowing us to better serve our customers,” said Keith Montgomery, chief business development officer at Prime Source. The product can be used on to control sedge, broadleaf and grassy... read more

    Surfactant power

    August 15, 2019By
    Photo: Aquatrols

    It's important to understand the power of surfactants and their competitive advantage. Lean some do’s and don’ts for getting the most from wetting agents. read more