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  • Reaping the rewards of plant growth regulators

    June 26, 2019By

    Plant growth regulators offer benefits beyond slowing the growth of turf and shrubs read more

    Taking the ‘edge’ out of nutsedge

    June 26, 2019By

    Experts discuss ID and control of one of the most common weeds in the U.S. read more

    What you need to know about aeration

    June 26, 2019By
    Photo: Billy Goat

    What you need to know about this turfgrass-rejuvenating practice read more

    Rose Pest Solutions protects pollinators, supports apiaries

    June 25, 2019By

    Rose Pest Solutions, a pest management company, supported enterprises in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio that preserve pollinators during National Pollinator Week, which was held June 17-23. Throughout the year, Rose is proud to partner with local organizations and apiaries, like Gaiser Bee Co. of Cincinnati to help spread the word about the importance of preserving pollinators and the impact they... read more

    Sipcam Agro announces registration of Coastal herbicide

    June 19, 2019By

    Sipcam Agro USA announced federal registration of Coastal herbicide, a complete pre- and postemergent for broadleaf and grassy weed control for all of the four major southern turfgrasses. With three active ingredients combined, broad-spectrum Coastal herbicide can be used without the need to tank mix. This makes Coastal a smart, efficient solution for turfgrass managers when treating multiple lawns. “It... read more

    Nufarm introduces Q-Ball herbicide for crabgrass and other summer weeds

    June 19, 2019By

    Nufarm Americas introduces new Q-Ball herbicide to control crabgrass and other summer weed escapes, including clover, dandelion, dollarweed, foxtail, kikuyugrass, signalgrass, speedwell and torpedo grass. New Q-Ball works quickly to eliminate some of the most unsightly and troublesome turfgrass weeds. Q-Ball’s water-based formula delivers maximum stability and tank mixing compatibility with most surfactants and postemergent herbicides, such as Escalade 2... read more