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LM Exclusive: AI is the future and ServiceTitan is leading the charge

September 20, 2023By
LM Digital Media Specialist, Sydney Fischer, had the opportunity to chat with Angie Snow, principal industry advisor at ServiceTitan, Jason Brady, owner and CEO of Above & Beyond Service Company and Jesse Sticka, director of IT at Lovett about how ServiceTitan helped their businesses. (Photo: LM staff)

ServiceTitan's Pantheon event featured a star-studded lineup of keynote speakers, a list of informational sessions and a focus on artificial intelligence. read more

“Great people will always make you money” says Frank Mariani at Summer Growth Summit

September 1, 2023By
(Photo: LM Staff)

The keynote speaker of the 2023 Summer Growth Summit spoke on why he sold his company and the key to his success over the years. read more

Jeffrey Scott’s 2023 Summer Growth Summit shows attendees the Mariani way

August 30, 2023By
(Photo: LM Staff)

More than 400 attendees were treated to 30-plus educational speakers and a behind-the-scenes visit to Mariani Landscape. read more

Latest earnings report shows back to the basics approach for BrightView

August 9, 2023By
Logo: LM Staff

Greg Herring shares how BrightView's latest earning report is an indication the company is in transition – a transition back to the basics. read more

BrightView’s latest earnings report indicates more changes coming in its pursuit of growth

May 11, 2023By

Greg Herring analyzes what BrightView's latest earning report may indicate in the face of rising pressures from interest rates and inflation and changes in the company's management. read more

Greenworks and Sperber showcase battery-operated lineup at exclusive event

April 18, 2023By

Property managers, community leaders and developers got a chance to try their hands at Greenworks battery-powered equipment. read more