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Product of the Day

Horizon Distributors: Spiio Sensors

July 12, 2021By

Spiio Sensors available at Horizon  Spiio’s service is elevating your irrigation and agronomic decision-making with live in-ground sensor data. Our mission is to help improve your productivity and water usage with actionable data on your smartphone every day. The SP-110 in-ground wireless sensor is your extra set of eyes in the ground that collects soil moisture, temperature and salinity data... read more

PBI-Gordon: SpeedZone® EW Herbicide

July 9, 2021By

SpeedZone® EW Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf from PBI-Gordon features a novel, emulsion-in-water (EW) formulation – a technological advance from emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations that rely on solvents to solubilize active ingredients. Ideal for use on golf courses, residential and commercial turf areas, SpeedZone EW controls more than 90+ tough broadleaf weeds, including dollarweed, ground ivy, and spurge. It is labeled... read more

Bailey Nurseries: First Editions Vintage Jade Distylium

July 8, 2021By

Jade Parade® Sand Cherry has attractive glossy blueish-green foliage that turns shades of yellow, orange and red in the fall. This shrub has a spreading habit, but rather than just creeping along the ground the branches arch upwards. The bonus in spring is the small ½” white blooms that flower profusely along the stems and are followed by small black... read more

ASV Introduces MAX-Series™ Skid Steers with Next-Generation Cab, Premium User Experience

July 7, 2021By

ASV Holdings Inc. provides operators with a premium user experience with the introduction of the MAX-Series™ RS-75 and VS-75 skid steers. A roomier cab includes a new fully suspended, fully adjustable seat as well as up to 2 more inches width at the shoulders, 8 inches more width at the knees and up to 4.5 inches more foot room. The... read more

Nufarm: Cheetah® Pro + SureGuard® SC

July 1, 2021By

Save time, money, and labor with the premier program for landscape and bareground weed control. Lawn Care Operators can count on Cheetah® Pro non-selective herbicide and SureGuard® SC herbicide to deliver 4+ months of weed knockdown. This non-selective and residual tank mix provides faster and more effective weed control than non-selectives alone, which ultimately keeps weeds out and customers happy.... read more

Smart Rain: Pro Com 3 Controller

July 1, 2021By

Smart Rain’s Smart Irrigation Controller is one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced controllers on the market today. SMART RAIN SMARTCONTROLLER COMES WITH: 7-inch full-color touchscreen display, Remote access, Waterproof controller box, 48 zones capability, Multiple flow sensors and master valve capability, Rain sensor capability,  EPA WaterSence Certified and Lifetime Warranty. Our controllers save our clients up to 30-50%... read more