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How to improve work truck safety

August 5, 2020By
Truck bed (Photo: Reading Truck Group)

Contributor Susan Lackey of Reading explains how landscape company can improve their safety procedures involving work trucks. read more

Creating an award-winning safety culture

June 18, 2020By
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Farmside Landscape & Design shares how it has created an award-winning culture of safety for both its employees and its clients. read more

SafetyWatch: Staying safe during COVID-19

May 8, 2020By
Person washing hands (Photo: Moyo Studio/E+/Getty Images)

Follow these guidelines to keep your green industry operation, as well as employees, safe during the coronavirus outbreak. read more

SafetyWatch: Hand tool safety

March 10, 2020By

It’s important to keep safety in mind when using different types of shovels Round mouth shovel The round mouth shovel is meant for digging, planting and moving material. It has a pointed end for driving into the ground or into piles of material and can also be used to trim sod or cut through thin roots. Landscapers should be careful... read more

SafetyWatch: Avoiding performance issues on the job

February 13, 2020By
Video still: Greenius

Consider the following items when evaluating why employees may not have met their performance standards 1. They don’t know what they’re supposed to do. Make sure crews understand their responsibilities. 2. They fear negative consequences for doing their job. Some crew members may resent an ambitious coworker and pressure him or her to do less. 3. They don’t understand the... read more

SafetyWatch: Ice melt safety

January 14, 2020By
Ice melt in action (Photo: Natural Alternative)

When it comes to applying ice melt products, there are a few things snow contractors should keep in mind to ensure it’s done properly and safely. Consider using a product that has a pattern indicator, which is a colorant, so you can see where you’re applying, especially during a snowstorm. Keep in mind that as much as 30 percent of... read more