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Snow+Ice Management

Recommender: What weather app do you use for snow and ice services?

September 15, 2021By
Photo: Rabbitti/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Some irrigation installers experts recommend weather apps to help set them up for success when it comes to providing snow and ice services. read more

Hilltip launches tailgate-mounted de-icing sprayers

August 27, 2021By

Hilltip's SprayStriker de-icing sprayers available for UTVs and other small vehicles allow smaller vehicles to spray walkways and other hard-to-reach areas. read more

Hilltip intros new IceStriker large size spreader

August 10, 2021By
Hilltip's new 6000CM 6 cubic yard model is the largest available from the company in North America. (Photo: Hilltip)

Hilltip's new large IceStriker 6000CM Combi Spreader boasts a 6 cubic yard capacity and is available as a chain-driven unit. read more

Hilltip intros IceStriker salt spreader

July 13, 2021By
Hilltip's IceStriker 2000-3300 SSA/SSC stainless-steel salt spreaders, designed for use on three-quarter-ton trucks. (Photo: Hilltip)

Hilltip’s IceStriker 2000-3300 SSA/SSC electric-powered spreaders are designed for use on three-quarter-ton trucks and in capacities up to 3.3 cubic yards. read more

SnowEx adds all-weather storage containers

July 13, 2021By

The all-weather storage containers are designed for on-site storage of supplies and tools will be available in four sizes. read more

Western Products intros plow and drop spreaders for UTVs

July 6, 2021By
Western Products' Impact mid-duty UTV plow features hydraulic positioning and comes in 5-foot-6-inch and 6-foot widths. (Photo: Western Products)

New mid-duty straight blade plow is designed for UTVs and stainless steel drop spreaders are designed for UTVs, compact tractors or wheel loaders. read more