Snow+Ice Management

Meyer reveals new automatically adjustable plow

April 15, 2019By

Meyer unveiled its Super Blade plow, an automatically adjustable plow. It can expand from 8 feet to 10.5 feet and anywhere in between with the press of a button. The wings extend as a pair or independently. The Super Blade’s 32-inch-high moldboard allows for plowing efficiency, and at 36 inches high, the outer adjustable wings feature Meyer’s scoop and funnel... read more

Meyer reveals its new Super-V3 plow

March 7, 2019By

Meyer unveiled its Super-V3 plow, which provides high ground clearance so professionals don’t need to worry about bottoming out. The wings can be controlled independently giving users configuration control, while Meyer’s Nite Saber LED lights offer safer nighttime plowing with less draw on the electrical system, according to the company. According to Meyer, features of the plow include: A bottom-centered... read more

Fisher Engineering launches 2 new pusher plows

March 7, 2019By

Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of Fisher snow removal and ice control equipment, launched two new Storm Boxx pusher plow models. These two new heavy-duty pusher plows are 8 and 10 feet wide and now come with a steel trip edge for better scraping performance, said the company. “Our customers asked, and we most certainly answered with these new Storm Boxx pusher... read more

Western rolls out 2 pusher plow models

March 6, 2019By

Western Products, manufacturer of Western snow and ice control equipment, unveiled two new Pile Driver pusher plow models. The new 8- and 10-foot containment plows feature a steel trip edge, interchangeable attachment plates and high-quality paint. The new Pile Driver trip-edge design gives operators a clean, down-to-pavement scrape by allowing the cutting edge to move over contours and obstacles. The... read more

Curtis Industries unveils its Fast-Cast 600 spreader

January 24, 2019By

Curtis Industries released the Fast-Cast 600 spreader, designed to fit the bed length and weight restrictions of most UTVs. The Fast-Cast 600 is ideal for bagged ice melt and rock salt on applications such as sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and bike paths, according to the company. It can also be used with a 50/50 salt and sand mixture with the... read more

Winter Equipment adds new snow plow cutting edge system

December 5, 2018By

Winter Equipment launched the Xtendor, a snow plow cutting edge system designed for medium- to light-duty trucks. The Xtendor system features a heavy-duty, steel blade, available in various lengths ranging from 6 to 10 feet with multiple punch configurations. On both sides of the blade, the system includes a heavy-duty steel mounting plate and two Xtendor plow guards, reinforced with... read more