Snow & Ice Guide

The snow scoreboard

December 12, 2016By

As the snow industry matures, one area that deserves more attention is what I’ll call “the snow scoreboard.” Just as the scoreboard at a sporting venue displays the game’s score, the snow scoreboard displays a snow event’s score. If the scoreboard at the ballpark were missing, it would be difficult to keep track of who’s winning and losing. Players and... read more

New SIMA guidelines aim to help you use salt wisely

December 7, 2016By

With the release of sustainable salt use guidelines, SIMA aims to push the snow industry forward. Freshwater resources throughout North America are contaminated with chlorides as a result of salt use in winter management operations, experts say. With this information in mind, the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) set out to establish recommendations to help industry members make wiser... read more

Managing subcontractor risk

August 19, 2016By
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At some point, a growing snow management business reaches a level where it may need to hire a subcontractor. While sometimes necessary, it’s an inherently risky situation. Just because your business holds itself to a certain standard does not mean a subcontractor has equal standards. Managing risk and liability is essential for long-term success in the snow industry, says Darryl... read more

A separate legal entity for snow?

August 5, 2016By

Snow and ice management professionals come in all forms, and so do their companies. Some firms have snow divisions, while others have established separate legal entities for their snow businesses. For those with a divisional approach, some companies organize their snow divisions into profit centers, while others only separate snow-related revenue. Which approach is best? Does the size of a... read more

Filling buckets

August 11, 2015By

Carrying an evenly distributed load is much easier than hauling an uneven load. Imagine carrying a 
single bucket of water, switching hands to alleviate the strain one side or the other. Now imagine carrying two buckets of water—one in each hand. Regardless of the weight, two buckets are preferable to one because of the weight distribution. The same could be... read more

Extinguishing burnout

August 9, 2015By

How to keep long hours and stressful work from plaguing snow employees. Last winter, the East Coast was battered with snowstorms. In late November, after the city got more than six feet of snow, the Buffalo Bills paid fans $10 an hour plus game tickets to help shovel snow in and around the stadium. Bangor, Maine, saw its second snowiest... read more