Plantain problems

September 15, 2019By

One of the most common weeds, plantains require both herbicides and mechanical efforts for long-term control. Plantains are one of the most common weeds — second only to dandelions — which means virtually all lawn care operators will find them in their clients’ turf and landscape beds. These stubborn perennials come back annually from the same root stock and can... read more

Ahead of the game

July 24, 2019By

Late-fall herbicide applications give lawn care operators a head start on springtime weeds. “The only predictable thing about spring,” says Yusif Jaouni, “is that it’s not predictable.” For those in the green industry, no truer words have been spoken. Lawn care operators never know exactly what elements they will be up against once the busy spring season begins. Because of... read more

Maximizing manpower

May 31, 2019By

Lawn care operators should implement tools and strategies to increase efficiency during the busy summer months. As Gil Del Rosario travels around the country, he hears lawn care operators (LCOs) discuss one common problem: finding and retaining quality labor. “Through my travels, I get the chance to talk to many LCOs and one problem that is ubiquitous is the labor... read more

Nipped in the Bud

March 20, 2019By

Lawn care operators can control crabgrass after it emerges using Dimension Specialty Herbicide, as well as using a number of cultural practices. When the redbud trees begin to bloom, or when the first signs of growth start to appear on the forsythia bush, lawn care operators can be certain that crabgrass is not too far behind. “In general crabgrass will... read more

A tough transition

October 31, 2018By

LCOs can overcome the challenges of winter by being prepared with the right products. The transition from winter to spring can be a challenging time for lawn care operators. In many parts of the country, LCOs are at the mercy of Mother Nature when trying to determine the right time to kick off their busiest time of the year. But... read more

A jumpstart on spring

September 25, 2018By

Using the right products at the right time can help LCOs keep their commercial customers happy while decreasing their heavy spring workloads. Research shows that one of the main reasons customers replace their lawn care provider is because of poor weed control. Particularly on large commercial properties, customers want to see lush, green, weed-free stands of turf. Using the right... read more