Limit Uncertainties

April 20, 2022By
Photo courtesy of Corteva Agriscience.

Pre-emergent programs set LCOs up for success As the demand for lawn care continues to increase in the post-COVID marketplace, so have the uncertainties surrounding these services. With the labor shortage, increased product costs and decreased product availability, operators are still tasked with delivering high-quality lawn results. That’s why many LCOs turn to pre-emergent programs to set themselves up for... read more

Finding Opportunities Within Challenges

March 1, 2021By
Photo courtesy by Corteva Agriscience

With many hardships from 2020 carrying over into the new year, now is the time for LCOs to reevaluate their products and strategies with a focus on efficiency.   Like most business owners, lawn care operators (LCOs) faced a host of unprecedented hardships associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. With many of these challenges and uncertainties carrying over into... read more

One Step Ahead

September 1, 2020By
Photo courtesy of Corteva Agriscience

Fall weed control applications can put lawn care operators ahead of the game come spring. By Emily Schappacher Spring is easily the most challenging time of year for many lawn care operators (LCOs). From full routes of eager clients to surprise reoccurrences of winter weather, LCOs need to be prepared for just about anything. Taking steps in the fall to... read more

Spring refresher

May 4, 2020By

Reviewing the fundamentals of proper weed management is a good idea before the start of a new spring season. Spring has arrived once again and lawn care operators are ready to kick off a brand new season. But before even the most experienced LCOs load their tanks and trucks, David Hillger suggests a refresher of the fundamentals of good weed... read more

Spurge surge

March 3, 2020By

Lawn care operators should make controlling spurge a priority come spring. Spurge – the weed that can grow just about anywhere. Found in turfgrass, landscape beds, cracks in patios, sidewalks and driveways, it doesn’t take much for this plant to flourish. Chester VandenBerg, territory manager for Corteva Agriscience turf and ornamental business, suggests lawn care operators (LCOs) take the steps... read more

Plantain problems

September 15, 2019By

One of the most common weeds, plantains require both herbicides and mechanical efforts for long-term control. Plantains are one of the most common weeds — second only to dandelions — which means virtually all lawn care operators will find them in their clients’ turf and landscape beds. These stubborn perennials come back annually from the same root stock and can... read more