Celebrating one-on-one networking at the LM Growth Summit

Attendees say the one-on-one meetings are a highlight of the LM Growth Summit experience. (Photo: LM Staff)
meetings are a highlight of the LM Growth Summit experience.
Mike Morin
Mike Morin

Mike Morin, owner of Morin Turf in Sioux City, Iowa, says he attended the 2022 LM Growth Summit to learn about new products, practices and network with fellow lawn care business owners.

When looking back on his time at the LM Growth Summit, he says the one-on-one meetings with suppliers stood out.

“You’re not hunting down people,” Morin says. “The industry leaders and vendors all want to see you. They want to talk to you. You’re not there to schmooze around a big trade floor. You are actually having conversations with suppliers and innovators.”

Prescheduled one-on-one meetings are a highlight of the LM Growth Summit held at the Reunion Resort in Orlando. The event pairs leading supplier partners with prequalified lawn care professionals for two days of one-on-one meetings, educational sessions and relaxed professional networking.

“I just think that it’s great,” Morin says. “It is a great resource for learning about new things that are available. I have always been an equipment hound, so I like to go to expos. But I appreciate the (LM Growth) Summit because of the way that the information on the products is presented.”

Trying new products

As a result of the LM Growth Summit, Morin says his business incorporated new products he discovered while attending the event in Orlando.

“In my business, if you can pick up one or two quality pointers per year, be it equipment or product, it means that you have done well,” Morin says. “Because it can save you time, effort and money.”

One vendor he discovered while attending the LM Growth Summit is Albaugh Specialty Products, which develops and manufactures post-patent turf and ornamental products. The company has a broad line of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and liquid fertilizers.

Morin says his business uses Albaugh Specialty Products’ Surmise SpeedPro XT herbicide, which is a combination of glufosinate, pelargonic acid and imazethapyr. It helps to provide knockdown and nonselective control of annual and perennial weeds for three months. He says crews apply Surmise around trees and bushes and it has been a great help to keep weeds out of tough-to-reach areas.

Another product Morin discovered at the LM Growth Summit is Q-Ball, a herbicide from Nufarm to help control crabgrass and other summer weeds, such as dandelions, foxtail and torpedograss.

What to anticipate

At the LM Growth Summit, lawn care professionals can network and build relationships to improve their business. It is an annual celebration of the industry, complete with outdoor activities, a barbecue and more. Morin says he hopes to attend the LM Growth Summit again in the future.

“The great thing about the (LM Growth) Summit is that they try to match you with products and people that will make sense to your business,” Morin says. “It helps you to know if that (product) is what you want (to incorporate in your business).”

This year, the LM Growth Summit will take place Dec. 9-11. To apply, visit LMGrowthSummit.com.

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