Christy’s adds new thread sealant

January 12, 2016 -  By

Christys-Ultra-Seal-T10000T. Christy Enterprises introduces Ultra Seal T-10,000, a sealant for threaded pipe connections rated leak-free to pressures as high as 10,000 psi.

Ultra Seal T-10,000 works with both plastic and metal piping systems, allowing professional contractors to carry one product for all standard applications. It is compatible with copper, galvanized, iron, PVC, nylon and polyethylene fittings as well as many other types of threaded connections.

It contains virgin PTFE for easier assembly of connections, Christy’s said. It also contains an anti-galling compound that prevents thread seizing, allowing for easy disassembly of connections even after years of service. Ultra Seal T-10,000 applies easily as brush-able, grit-free paste that is white in color.

Photo: Christy’s

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