CLCA member talks about immigration reform

February 4, 2013 -  By

Last week a member of the landscape industry was interviewed on NPR’s Talk of the Nation about the new immigration reform proposal announced by a bipartisan group of senators. 

“It’s high time that something gets done on a comprehensive basis,” said Richard Cohen, president and owner of Richard Cohen Landscape and Construction Inc. in Lake Forest, Calif. “Because if all the legs of this chair don’t work, the chair’s going to fall over.”

Cohen, a member of the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA), employs about 60 people. About three-quarters of them are immigrants and he assumes some of them may be illegal. He said he follows the legal procedures for verifying workers’ immigration status, but that it’s difficult to tell which documents are legal and which ones are not.

The full program is about 45 minutes long; Cohen’s portion lasts about seven minutes and begins 30 minutes into the show. A full transcript also is provided.

A hat tip goes to Barbara Landrith and the CLCA LinkedIn group for sharing news about the interview.

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