Communication Coach: Own your 2022 big goal

(Photo: DaLiu / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
(Photo: DaLiu / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Goal setting should be uncomplicated. Settle on a meaningful target and go after it.

(Photo: DaLiu / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
(Photo: DaLiu / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Making it one that rallies a team requires thoughtful discussions and crafting a workable plan. Just remember what Dwight D. Eisenhower said: 

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” 

The plan is the byproduct of what matters most, the critical thinking and decision-making that sets up its implementation. 

The same is true of goal setting. 

If your trusted business advisor could guarantee your company would achieve 80 percent of its goals in 2022, provided it chooses only one big goal, would you accept that deal?

Acknowledging that most goals are never achieved makes that a safe play. If you agree, then you only need to set your sights on the most meaningful goal possible. Make it a big one, a category killer. 

For this discussion, let’s say your marketing is not up to industry standards. The problem may be that your commitment to customers leaves little time for marketing. 

That’s OK, and here’s why. 

Goals are intentions that organize energy

When Eisenhower said plans are nothing, he was suggesting they are worthless without the collective brainpower of the teams that implement them. 

Studies show most people only accomplish one meaningful task each day. Stay the course with what’s working and limit your improvements to one thing, one area of focus. 

Making progress with that one thing gets others to automatically fall into place. For this reason, I’ll often recommend marketing-challenged clients to make a 100-percent commitment to building a better website.

There isn’t a website in the world that can’t be improved in some way. Well-designed websites stand in for the business owner and his or her leadership team. They interact with customers, vendors and anyone interested in working with you.

Any attention you give closes the gaps you may have with those business partners.

Websites integrate with CRMs, lead funnels, social media and just about every other aspect of the company’s digital presence. By committing to a better website, you will upgrade lead generation, customer communications, billing, and recruiting. 

These valuable outcomes are byproducts of the big goal. 

Here’s the 101. 

  1. Organize your goal into twelve monthly projects. One month for the vitally important home page. Another for the customer portal. One for social media planning, and so on.
  2. Break the monthly projects into weekly tasks. Even if you fall short with a few, your marketing will be significantly enhanced. 
  3. Celebrate your achievements. Positive vibes from this accomplishment will fuel success in other areas of your company. 

Owning a goal is readily accomplished when it’s a collective effort. 

If you aren’t someone that loves to do marketing, find that person in your company that has a knack for it. Let them run with it, so you can do what you do best. 

Jeff Korhan

Jeff Korhan

Jeff Korhan is the owner of True Nature Marketing, a Naples, Fla.-based company helping entrepreneurs grow. Reach him at jeff@truenature.com. Jeff works with service companies that want to drive growth and enhance their brand experience with digital platforms.

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