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Communication Coach: Train your mind to create the future

April 15, 2020 -  By
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Some of the greatest businesses were started during cataclysmic times like this.

You could say that the universe is reshuffling the deck. This creates gaps that become opportunities for making people’s lives better.

This is your opening for …

  • Starting a business
  • Restarting a business, division, or product line
  • Reinventing your business
  • Buying a business
  • Recruiting to fill current openings
  • Finding a new job opportunity

We Are Not Going Back To Normal

I’m not sure what normal means for you or me, but I’m confident the next 24 months will change that significantly.

One example of this is that Microsoft has canceled all public events in favor of virtual events until the summer of 2021.

Don’t be surprised if some universities and schools remained closed through the end of this year too. A few may close their doors forever.

Right now people are scared. I get it.

Scared is a response, a natural survival instinct. The action you take after that is what defines you.

The people that are sensing opportunities at this time are working harder than ever. That’s good because this isn’t a time to be operating like its 2019.

We should be thinking like it’s 2022 because pandemics effect change by bringing the future to us in real-time.

That’s what’s unfolding right now. We all have to figure out what it means for us.

Here’s one way to prepare for it.

Train Your Mind To Create The Future

I’m a Certified Meditation Instructor and a long-time practitioner. This was my weekend gig during the two decades of operating my landscaping company.

Meditation strengthens the physical and mental well-being necessary to meet every challenge. Think of it as an investment in your future.

During meditation, only three things can happen.

1. You have a lot of thoughts.

That’s good because meditation will release some of them.

2. You fall asleep.

Your mind is so overworked you need rest before you can free your mind.

3. You slip into the gap.

The silent gap between your thoughts is where you create.

This is why we say a quiet mind is better than a positive mind. Positive is a good start but quiet is the goal.

Meditation is usually associated with relaxation and stress release, but those outcomes are more accurately by-products of the practice.

The true purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind.

Getting Started With Meditation

Traditional meditation involves mentally repeating a personal mantra. This is a sound an instructor gives you to facilitate the quieting of the mind.

A mindfulness meditation is an alternative that uses your breath as a stand-in for the mantra.

Let’s give it a try.

Begin by getting comfortable, either by sitting down on the floor or in a chair. It also helps to dim the lights.

Close your eyes and allow your awareness to go to your breathing. Innocently observe your breath as you breathe in and out.

As you observe your breath you may notice it changes in speed, rhythm, and depth. It may even stop for a moment. Whatever happens, just continue observing it without expectation.

From time to time your attention may drift to a thought, a sensation in your body, or a noise in the environment. Whenever you notice you are not observing your breath, simply bring your awareness back to your breathing or the mantra.

Continue this practice for at least 5 minutes. You will notice some settling down as your mind lets go. Over time you will be able to sustain the practice for 20-30 minutes to achieve even greater mental clarity.

It’s important to properly close out the meditation.

Keep your eyes closed when you decide to stop and remain silent for 30 seconds. This allows your mind and body to stabilize and absorb the quietness.

Then open your eyes, bring the lights up, and return to your day.

We found this to be a uniquely powerful team-building exercise at my company. Here’s why.

Most people have over 100,000 thoughts every day. The problem is without training 95% of them are the same as the day before, and the day before that, and so on.

Thoughts are energy. They are seeds of creation, but only if you develop the skill to manage them.

Train your mind and start planting seeds to create the future.

The ground has never been more receptive.

Contact me if you are interested in personal or group meditation instruction for your organization.

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