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Develon adds new mini excavator to its lineup

February 14, 2023 -  By

Develon (formerly Doosan Infracore construction equipment) unveiled a new mini excavator in the -7 series, the DX89R-7.

The new DX89R-7 mini excavator replaces the DX85R-3 and features greater lifting capacity and more horsepower. This machine comes equipped with Develon’s engine and diagnostics tool. The mini excavator boasts a reduced-tail-swing feature.

Develon, formerly Doosan Infracore construction equipment, unveiled its newest mini excavator in the -7 series, the DX89R-7, which features greater lifting capacity and more horsepower. (Photo: Develon)

Develon, formerly Doosan Infracore construction equipment, unveiled the DX89R-7, which features greater lifting capacity and more horsepower. (Photo: Develon)

“The new 9-metric-ton DX89R-7 excavator is a bridge between our smaller mini excavators and our crawler excavators,” said Thomas Lee, director of product management at Develon. “It gives our customers the flexibility of a mini excavator with more power and dig depth they may need without moving up to a larger machine.”

The DX89R-7 is powered by a Tier 4-compliant D24 diesel engine and an auxiliary hydraulic flow allows operators to use hydraulic-powered attachments with the mini excavator.

The new mini excavator boasts an increased machine operating weight and a new counterweight design to provide better stability for increased lifting capacity. Traction force is also higher in the new DX89R-7 due to the machine’s higher weight, meaning customers can push material more efficiently with a dozer blade.

A thumb switch on the left joystick controls the excavator’s boom swing. Customers can configure their new DX89R-7 with an optional long arm. The long arm provides nearly 2 feet of additional dig depth and reach.

Quick coupler piping comes standard for the new DX89R-7 mini excavator. Customers can also add an optional second set of hydraulics to operate multi-functional attachments. A blade float feature allows the blade to follow the contours of the ground without operator input. 

The machine improved vents throughout the cab, heated seats and fold-up pedals for additional floor space. An open canopy with a roll-over protective structure (ROPS) is also available.

The new DX89R-7 comes standard with an 8-inch touch screen, which enables operators to quickly read machine performance indicators and change machine settings. A rear-view camera can be viewed from the touch screen. An optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) system is also available. LED lights can be installed on both the front and rear of the DX89R-7. Bluetooth audio allows operators to communicate easier without removing their hands from the joystick controls.

The new DX89R-7 excavator has a swing-open tailgate and side-access hood, providing easy access to the excavator’s engine and pump package, valve bank, cooling system and hydraulic system. A centralized grease bank makes it simple for the operators to properly add grease to the machine.

Additional maintenance features include a battery disconnect switch and color-coded and labeled wiring and hydraulic hoses.

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