Dow AgroSciences Defendor Herbicide

logo: Defendor Herbicide
logo: Defendor Herbicide

Defendor specialty herbicide is a new postemergence product designed to be applied when it’s too cold for other broadleaf herbicides to be effective. Defendor provides early season control of dandelion and prevents the dreaded dandelion bloom. It also controls clover, chickweed and other annual and perennial broadleaf weeds for healthier, more attractive turf. Defendor is only available in a “Value Pak” with Dimension 2EW specialty herbicide to be tank-mixed for proven crabgrass and broadleaf weed control. It gives turf managers more time to complete the first applications of the season, helping reduce callbacks and minimize complaints. Labeled for use on both cool- and warm-season turf, Defendor is recommended for use on residential lawns and golf courses (fairways and roughs). It also provides activity at extremely low use rates (0.013 lb. a.i./A) when compared with other postemergence herbicides.


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