Dow releases XXpire WG Insecticide

XXpire WG Insecticide

Dow AgroSciences introduced the XXpire WG Insecticide, an ornamental insecticide with two active ingredients, Isoclast Active and spinetoram, that control both chewing and sap-feeding insects, the company said. Isoclast, a recently registered active ingredient, is the sole member of the sulfoximine class of insect control agents, while spinetoram is a spinosyn insecticide that offers insecticidal activity and residual control.

Working effectively on 39 different pests, the insecticide is available for use in nurseries, greenhouses and non-residential landscapes.

According to the company, XXpire controls whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs, lepidopterans, lacebugs, certain scales and thrips, in addition to suppressing spider mites.

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