Dynamic Green Products releases eco-friendly lubricant

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Photo: Dynamic Green ProductsDynamic Green Products, a producer of lubricants, cleaners and absorbents made from renewable resources, launched its NV Earth line of bio-based outdoor power equipment (OPE) lubricants, which are intended to replace conventional petroleum products in chainsaws and two-cycle engines. 

“Each of our products is independently tested, biodegradable, made in America and much safer to use compared to traditional petrochemical alternatives,” said Green Products Founder Scott Porter. “Our goal is to help preserve the earth through sustainable products, which are an answer to some of our major pollution problems around the world. These products will dramatically lower environmental impact as it relates to water, air, plants, animals and, of course, humans. I want our kids and their kids to enjoy a clean planet and it all starts with making simple changes like reducing petroleum consumption.”

NV Earth touts Bar & Chain bio-based oil over petroleum for its performance benefits, which include its nontoxic nature, better lubrication, a flash point over 140 degrees F and ultimate biodegradability. The product also produces 90 percent less environmental pollution compared to petroleum chainsaw oils, the company said.

According to Dynamic Green, NV Earth 2-Cycle Engine bio-based oil has a carbon footprint reduction of 35 percent and lower overall emissions.

“‘Green products are thought to be not as effective as the chemicals they are trying to replace,” said Porter. “That’s mainly because some manufacturers are only focused on producing a watered-down green product, to say it’s green and keep cost parity with cheap chemicals. We would rather produce a higher-cost product that meets and exceeds user expectations instead of selling a low-cost product that leaves them with buyer’s remorse for ‘going green.’”


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