Earth & Turf Rethinks Stand on Capabilities

Photo: Earth & Turf Products
Photo: Earth & Turf Products

Following the successful release of the 415SP stand on topdressers, Earth & Turf pursues advancements in the stand on market. With advantages both in maneuvering and smooth handling, the 4-wheel steer system offers more than other drive systems by rethinking the stand on model. The 4-wheel steering keeps turf intact and green using very little torque to steer, while the 4WD allows users to move anywhere necessary without traction issues.

Additional options for the 415 complete the topdressing process by overseeding, aerating, and topdressing all at once.

It will offer the option of a 48” wide core aerator that is not driven by any chains or belts. The weight and 4WD system will puncture the ground and turn the aerator without an issue, it will punch 3” plugs to alleviate ground compaction and let room for compost and seed to bring up better turfgrass.

We also offer a 48” drop seeder that will allow the user to aerate, seed, and spread topdressing materials at the same time. The seeder has several calibrations and holds 95+ lbs. of seed or 3.4 cu. ft. so you don’t have to fill up every time.

These options amongst other spread customizations will make the unit more user friendly and add to the value of the investment, replacing 3 operators and machines with one user friendly Turf Revival Machine.

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