Mark Taylor (right), product manager at Echo shows off the companies newest edgers to Michael Bedell and Scott Horoszewsk at a recent media event. (Photo: LM staff)

Mark Taylor (right), product manager at Echo shows off the company’s newest edgers to Michael Bedell and Scott Horoszewsk at a recent media event. (Photo: LM staff)

Echo recently hosted its User Advisory Group members and media to get a peek at the company’s new product offerings for consumers and professionals. Echo kicked off the event with a welcome from Harold Redman, the company’s new president and CEO, who joined the company in April following Tim Dorsey’s retirement.

“The User Advisory Group members have given us some insight on potentially future products that we want to bring to market to satisfy the commercial landscape or needs,” Redman said, noting his extensive experience with other equipment manufacturers.

The company also took attendees on a tour of its Lake Zurich, Ill., headquarters.

“We’ve been here before, but we’re always amazed whenever we walk in and see a tour of the facility,” Jacqueline Steubs, co-owner of JAR Landscaping in Athens, Ill., and User Advisory Group member said. “We’ve really enjoyed being a part of the group. We have amazing connections with other landscapers and fellow crews. We have learned so much from everybody else.”

Echo also showcased 21 new products in total, with 18 products designed for professionals and a backpack blower, edger and pruner designed for consumers.

Steubs’ sister, Abbigail said the sisters are particularly interested in Echo’s new battery-powered products, including the company’s new battery-powered backpack blower.

John Powers, director of product management at Echo said there’s a lot to be excited about with Echo’s new introductions.

“We just debuted 21 new Echo products for next year, including nine new X Series 56-volt battery units, a new battery, two new chargers, along with three new gas products, including our new PB-7910 backpack blower,” he said.

Echo's User Advisory Group members got a chance to try the company's newest introductions at a recent media event. (Photo: LM Staff)

Echo’s User Advisory Group members got a chance to try the company’s newest introductions at a recent media event. (Photo: LM Staff)

New product introduction

Echo’s new professional products include:

DHCA-2600 X Series 56-volt battery articulating shafted hedge trimmer

  • DHCA-2600’s articulating gear case allows for 10 blade adjustments with a total range of 135 degrees. This unit will have a runtime above to 79 minutes with a 5 amp hour battery.

DHC-2200 X Series 56-volt battery 22-inch hedge trimmer and DHC-2800 X Series 56-volt battery 28-inch hedge trimmer

  • The Echo DHC-2200 X Series 56-volt battery 22-inch and 28-inch hedge trimmers feature an intelligent management system that optimizes motor speed, power delivery, and battery usage for the best performance in all cutting conditions with blade lakes of 22 and 28 inches and speeds of 4,600 strokes per minute with run times of up to 60 minutes with a two and a half amp hour battery.

DHCS-2800 X Series 56-volt battery 28-inch single-sided hedge trimmer and DHCS-3400 X Series 56-volt battery 34-inch single-sided hedge trimmer

  • Echo’s DHCS-2800 X series hedge trimmers optimize motor speed, power delivery and battery usage. The DHCS single-sided models come with a full-length debris shield and blade lengths of 28 and 34 inches and speeds of up to 4,600 strokes per minute with runtimes of up to 60 minutes with a 2 1/2 amp hour battery.

DCS-2500TN X Series 56-volt battery top handle chainsaw

  • The Echo DSC-2500TN is an enhanced battery-powered top-handle chainsaw. It features the SpeedCut Nano 80 TXL system. The 80 TXL cutting system is a new smaller chain chassis that is optimized for battery-powered saws.

DPPT-2600H X Series 56-volt battery power pruner

  • Echo’s DPPT-2600H  battery-powered pruner features advanced motor control that maintains high-cutting performance. The cutting system provides fast and smooth cutting while the brushless motor gives a standard breach of 16 feet and up to 20 feet with the inclusion of the optional 4-foot extension. This unit is capable of up to 200 cuts on a single charge with a five amp hour battery.

DPAS-2600 X Series 56-volt battery pro attachment series power head

  • The DPA- 2600 power head is compatible with all of Echo’s 16 available attachments. It features a toolless coupler that allows for fast, easy changes on all attachments.

DPE-2600 X Series 56-volt battery edger

  • According to Echo, the DPE-2600 combines power and torque with lightweight construction allowing commercial users to carve through dense dirt, overgrown grass and weeds. The DPE-2600 features an aluminum debris shield with a new cutaway open face, a large skip plate to protect the gear face, a soft foam front handle and an easy height adjustment wheel with captive hardware. The battery will provide users with 86 minutes of runtime.

DPB-5800T 56-volt battery backpack blower

  • The DPB-5800T 56-volt battery is the company’s first battery-powered backpack blower. Echo’s utilizes three batteries to power its device which delivers up to 795 cubic feet per minute of air volume with air speeds of up to 195 miles per hour and 25 Newtons on high speed. This unit will have a runtime of up to 30 minutes with two 5-amp batteries and when using three Echo’s 8-amp batteries, it will run for 80 minutes at high speed.

PB-7910T X Series 9 cc backpack blower PB-7910H X Series 9 cc backpack blower

  • Echo’s Echo PB-7910 features a professional grade 79.9 CC two-stroke engine with a blowing performance of 835 cfm and 238 miles per hour. It produces 40 Newtons of blow force.

PB-5810H 7 cc backpack blower

  • The PB-5810H provides higher power at a lower price point and features an advanced 79.9cc two-stroke engine.

CS-3410 4 cc rear handle chainsaw

  • Echo’s CS-3410 uses a 34.4 cc two-stroke engine that provides  1.7 horsepower. Echo said this is a 17 percent increase over its predecessor, the CS-310. The CS-3410 features a dry weight of 8.2 pounds.

LBP-56V400 0Ah lithium-ion battery, LC-56V5A2 dual port rapid charger and LC-56V1A top mount charger

  • Echo’s LPB-56V400 0Ah 8-amp power battery features onboard LED diagnostics and rubber over-molding. The two-port rapid charger supports faster charging Echo’s 56-volt battery line. The charger can simultaneously rapidly charge two Echo 56-volt batteries. The charger can rapidly charge one 56-volt battery and comes with USB-A and USB-C ports. Echo’s top-mount charger is ideal for overnight charging. The LC-56V1A is compatible with Echo’s 56-volt battery line and charges one 56-volt battery at a 1-amp charger rate. The top mount charger features two-color LED charge indicators with onboard diagnostics and a 6-foot power cord.

Echo Robotics Wisenav technology

Echo’s robotic mowers now feature Wisenav Technology that allows the robots to work in lanes wirelessly. Echo said this new RTK technology helps the mowers achieve three times the efficiency of a wired model.

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