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Echo introduces SRM-2320 Trimmer

October 14, 2019 -  By

Landscape Management Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones talks to Echo Product Manager Jerry Morgan about the newly released SRM-2320 Trimmer and its many benefits, including high cutting torque.

Transcription below.

Seth: “Hey everybody it’s Seth Jones, editor in dhief of Landscape Management magazine. I’m out in Lake Zurich, Ill., I’m at the Echo facility here, they’re having a big product launch. I’m being joined by Jerry Morgan, and Jerry this is your baby right here; you were telling me all about it just now. You guys have 20 new products you’re releasing today.”

Jerry: “Yes sir.”

Seth: “And this is this is the one that you’re most excited about … tell me about it.”

Jerry: “Yes it is. The SRM-2320T is going to be our new trimmer for the $249 suggested retail price point. Now it’s got a lot of great features for it and starts up here with the power head commercial-grade 21-cc engine with chrome cylinder plating. (It) also has a two-stage air filtration system here to help keep the engine cleaner longer, also the full wrap tanks, and it’s nice and durable when it’s bouncing around the truck and the trailer.”

“(It’s) got a lot of good features down here at the bottom as well. We will start off with the the two-to-one gear reduction ratio so this unit’s gonna have the most cutting torque of any unit in the category including our own (SRM) 225. It’s gonna have 20 percent more cutting torque than our (SRM) 225 and over 40 percent more than any competitors product in the market for this category.”

Seth: “You challenged me when I was running it, you were saying literally bury it in the ground … What are people telling you about it with the power on them?”

Jerry: “They’re noticing a big difference, whether it’s longer grasses or wet grass or things like that. When they bare it, they can really tell the difference, they can really feel the power kick in because any trimmer can cut the top of the grass, but with the power of this one right here, it can really get down there and handle those longer grasses a lot better.”

Seth: “Why does this fill a niche for you guys. Was this something you were looking for?”

Jerry: “It was. We felt we wanted to give professionals a reason to step up from the 225, which is one of our biggest-selling products, and there’s a big gap there with the 225 at $199 and then our SRM 266 at $299 — we felt there’s a lot of opportunity there to put something up. It’s a great performing trimmer at $249 to the consumer and to a pro as well.”

Seth: “And this launched today, right?”

Jerry: “Launches today, it’s ready to ship to the dealers right now and it’s ready to go.”

Seth: “Okay Jerry, I appreciate you showing it. Everybody this is Jerry Morgan, I’m Seth Jones, thanks for checking in with us here at Landscape Management.”

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