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Editorial Advisory Board: Evaluating systems in your business

April 8, 2016 -  By

What’s one system you encourage all landscape industry companies to take a hard look at within their businesses?

Advisory BoardLandscape Professionals

Richard Bare
Arbor-Nomics Turf
Norcross, Ga.
Systems for AR and AP are extremely important. A lot of startups fail because no one is paying attention to collecting the money. You earned it, go get it. You can mail bills over and over, but there is a certain percentage that won’t pay until you call them. Don’t let more than 60 days go buy as you won’t be able to Lien the property in most states.

Chris Joyce
Joyce Landscaping
Cape Cod, Mass.
“I encourage all landscape industry companies to take a look their operational processes. Successful and sustainable business operation processes are developed and delivered with definitive discipline that is part of their culture.”

Adam Linnemann
Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping
Columbia, Ill.
“Continuously bettering their workflow process. This starts at answering the phones by the second ring to following up after the project has been completed. Another integral part is having a great work order form and system.”

Industry Consultants

Dan Gordon
Newton, N.J.
“All businesses that plan to grow and profit need tight accounting controls.”

Kevin Kehoe
3PG Consulting
Laguna, Calif.
Financial reporting/job costing. Most don’t do this well at all and when they do their transaction processes for managing data at the service, payroll, purchase and invoice levels are just sloppy.

Phil Harwood
Pro-Motion Consulting
Farmington, Mich.
In light of the labor crisis, it would be good to take a hard look at the ‘employee satisfaction system’—including on-boarding, coaching, training and development, compensation and incentives, and feedback and accountability. Satisfied employees solve the retention issue and they also make the best recruiters. “

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