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Editorial Advisory Board: September 2019

September 18, 2019 -  By
Editorial Advisory Board graphic (Graphic: Landscape Management)

Graphic: LM staff

In your opinion, an effective networker _____________.

Landscape Professionals

Richard Bare
Arbor-Nomics Turf
Norcross, Ga.

“… is someone who understands how to create win-win professional networks. I will do A and B for you, and you will do C and D for me. There has to be a huge element of trust with this.” 

Paul Fraynd
Sun Valley Landscaping
Omaha, Neb.

“… is genuine and builds a true relationship with folks. By showing an interest in others, they will be interested in what we are doing. It’s important to be intentional and network with those that share your values and can mutually benefit each other (personally or professionally). I have made many good friends by ‘networking’ — it doesn’t always have to mean they do business with you!”

Luke Henry
ProScape Lawn & Landscaping Services
Marion, Ohio

“… is someone who is genuinely interested in the person in front of him. Having an awareness of how someone could help you is good, but don’t be slimy about it. Offer to help that person get something that they want, and show some care in them as an individual. People buy from (or refer) people they know, like and trust.”

Chris Joyce
Joyce Landscaping
Cape Cod, Mass.

“… listens and learns before formulating networking plan.”

Aaron Katerberg
Grapids Irrigation
Grand Rapids, Mich.

“… is always looking for people to connect with. Associations, business groups, such as EO, and peer groups are great places to meet people who can help you improve your business. At any event you attend, try to take a genuine interest in others.”

Jerry McKay
McKay Landscape Lighting
Omaha, Neb.

“… loves people and then proves it by always following through once they make a new connection.”

Bryan Stolz
Winterberry Landscape & Garden Center
Southington, Conn.

“…  goes into every interaction thinking about the other person, not themselves. I’m not a natural networker, so when I meet someone new, I actively look for ways to help them with their business or ask a lot of questions so I can learn about their business. Once I know what they’re currently struggling with or focusing on, I try to match them with others in my network who are experts in that subject, and offer to make the connection. That helps me strengthen a relationship with two people through one conversation.”

Industry Consultants

Marty Grunder
The Grow Group
Dayton, Ohio

“… knows who their ideal client is and has a targeted list of people that either fit that mold or know people who fit that mold. A targeted list of prospects is needed to effectively network. You must know who your ideal client is and you must offer up something of value. You have to be someone others want to be around. Dale Carnegie said it best, he said, ‘Take an interest in others, and they will take an interest in you.’ Be a nice person, try to help, be humble and genuine and you will be an effective networker in due time.”

Phil Harwood
Grow the Bench
Grand Rapids, Mich.

“… strives to be productive and efficient while also not deviating from company policies and safety protocols.”

Kevin Keho
3PG Consulting
Laguna, Calif.

“… is highly organized, is willing to knock on doors, is clear about what they can offer and what they need, is willing to be persistent and helpful to all and above all, gives without taking — knowing that in the long run, all we have at the end are our friends.”

Jeffrey Scott
Jeffrey Scott Consulting
Trumbull, Conn.

“… creates value for the other person, while having specific goals they are trying to achieve.”

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