Efficiency Tip: Downsizing the fleet


Two years ago, Timothee Sallin, president of LegacyScapes in Groveland, Fla., began to rethink the company’s use of International 4300 and 4400 series trucks.

Sallin often wanted to merge or split installation crews to be more efficient but couldn’t because he needed at least one commercial driver’s licensed (CDL) person per crew. The need for CDLs also drove employee searches, and the company was often forced to spend money on licensing its employees.

“We wanted to be efficient, but we kept running into the constraint of needing a CDL-licensed driver,” says Sallin.

So, Sallin downsized to a fleet of Dodge Ram 3500s. They cost about $30,000 less and are about 20 percent more fuel-efficient. In addition to not requiring CDLs, they are also less expensive to maintain, and increased maneuverability makes them more functional on-site. The only downfall is the company must now hire big rig drivers when transporting certain pieces of equipment, such as a front end wheel loader or mini excavator.

The change spurred a focus on vehicle organization, too. Custom-built shelves in each truck keep everything organized and prevent time wasted by searching for equipment.

“Efficiency is measured in minutes,” Sallin says. “So if we can make it a little easier to get on the road, we’re saving money by shaving minutes off the daily routine.”

Photos: Legacyscapes

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