Efficiency Tip: Feed the roots

roots. Photo: iStock.com/MARIOS07
Photo: iStock.com/MARIOS07

When Peter Stewart, horticulturist and designer, joined Envisioning Green last year, he was the firm’s first “plant guy.”

At the time, plant replacement costs were a concern for the Caseyville, Ill.-based company. It warranties plants for a year after installation.

Drawing on his education in botany, Stewart evaluated the problem and enlisted the help of mycorrhizal fungi to help feed the soil and improve plants’ chance of survival.

Comparing last May and June (prior to using mycorrhizae) with the rest of the year when crews began using the product, the company reduced plant replacement costs—including material, labor and transport expenses—by more than half, Stewart says.

“This is a relatively cheap product that can make a huge impact on the industry,” he says.
The company spent about $50 on powdered mycorrhizal fungi last year. During installation, crews apply 1 teaspoon per gallon size of the plant to the roots.

Photo: iStock.com/MARIOS07

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