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Paid stamp; Image: iStock.com/jimmyjamesbond
Image: iStock.com/jimmyjamesbond
Paid stamp Photo: ©istock.com/jimmyjamesbond
Image: iStock.com/jimmyjamesbond

U.S. Army veterans Brian and Kristy Boase are in their second season operating Mil-Spec Lawn Care in Clarksville, Tenn. The husband and wife team recognize it’s difficult to add employees, so for now, they’re remaining a two-person show. Yet, they say they’ve been able to grow thanks to the online invoicing platform they’ve selected: Jobber. They have about 60 maintenance accounts and an increasing amount of landscaping work.

Their operation is simple. They complete jobs together, then Kristy Boase emails an invoice to clients from the Jobber app as their truck pulls away from the property.

“Usually, before we even get to the next job, we’ve already been paid,” she says.

The duo estimates this method saves them about an hour a day compared to having to collect checks from their primarily residential clients and deposit them at the bank or scan them for mobile deposit. That savings easily justifies the cost of the service, which starts at $69 per month, Brian Boase says.

On top of the invoicing capabilities, the Boases use Jobber to build quotes for landscaping jobs on the spot, request deposits for landscaping jobs, schedule their work and plan their routes. They also sync it with QuickBooks.

“It’s literally made our lives more efficient. Any downtime—that’s waste,” Brian Boase says. “But Jobber helps us turn it into efficient time and no longer waste.”

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