Efficiency tip: Let it rain

June 12, 2015 -  By

iS60566042grass-wetRain days often can be unproductive days for lawn care professionals, but at Weed Man Lawn Care in Middleton, Wis., rain isn’t always a bad thing.

On a soggy day, as long as it’s not torrential rain, the production team often switches gears to do grub control applications.

“They have to be watered in anyway, so the timing is perfect,” says Brad DeBels, Ph.D, director of operations for Weed Man Lawn Care.

The approach works for both preventive and curative applications, although many curative applications are done as soon as possible, he says. Preventive applications in June are prime time for rainy day grub control.

“We’ll try to time it with the forecast, either on a rain day or right before a weekend rain,” DeBels says.

If applications aren’t timed with rain, watering-in falls on the customers’ shoulders, and you never know if it’s done properly—grub apps need one quarter to one half inch of water—if at all. If these insecticides aren’t watered in, the products may perform poorly, creating callbacks, which waste time and materials and drain profits.

Photo: ©istock.com/Goja1

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