Saving space with enclosed trailers

June 27, 2016 -  By

iS086022239parking-lotDoug McIntosh, owner of McIntosh Grounds Maintenance in Milan, Mich., was running out
of space in his shop and considered upgrading to a larger one.

One day he looked around and realized his trailers, which were parked inside, were taking up all the space. He had his solution: enclosed trailers that could be parked outside.

“The shop was going to cost $150,000 to build,” McIntosh says. “For under $20,000, I doubled the space.”

He started with three trailers at about $6,500 each. The company now has nine.

Each trailer dedicated to maintenance stores a 22-, 36-, 48- and 60-inch mower, among other equipment. Before the enclosed trailers, all this equipment, or at least each trailer loaded with it, would’ve taken up space in the shop.

Free space isn’t the only benefit the enclosed trailers provided. The logo-plastered trucks are a free source of advertising.

“All the sudden, we have these huge billboards driving around town,” McIntosh says. “How many jobs we get from it, I don’t know. But we get a lot of comments from people saying they see our trucks everywhere, and we don’t have any more trucks than we did before.”

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