Efficiency tip: The Daily Four


At TBG Landscape in Whitby, Ontario, the management staff knows open communication is essential to the company’s success. The primarily design/build company had $17.2 million in 2014 annual revenue.

As such, at the end of every work day all foremen send an email to President Mark Bradley called the Daily Four. It includes the following information:

• The crew’s three priorities;
• What got finished that day;
• What obstacles the crew faced that day; and
• What does the crew need?

Sharing this information every day is a simple platform to ensure everyone’s on the same page and accountable, says Mike Lysecki, former director of operations for TBG. Lysecki is COO of Landscape Management Network, the landscape estimating and time-tracking software company that sprouted from TBG Landscape.

“If obstacles aren’t reported, there’s no good excuse to be over budget,” he says.


Photo: ©iStock.com/Goja1

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