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Ego updates single-stage and debuts new 2-stage snow blowers

August 5, 2020 -  By

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Ego’s new two-stage battery-powered snow blower. (Photo: Ego)

Ego has released a new two-stage battery-powered snow blower and an improved version of the single stage.

The two-stage model, SNT2400, is a 24-inch wide model. Its thick gauge steel box, with aggressive steel augurs and retractable drift cutters, chews through and delivers snow to the steel impeller that flings it up to 50 feet. SNT2400’s augur and impeller work off one high-efficiency brushless motor while the drive mechanism works off its own high-efficiency brushless motor.

Traction is assured on all manner of surfaces with aggressive 15-inch-by-3.5-inch wheels and a limited-slip differential that allows the machine to make turns effortlessly, according to the company.

The controls are designed to be easy to use while delivering maximum efficiency. To engage the drive, the operator squeezes the handle grips. Once in gear, the operator can let go of either the left or the right handle to work the other controls with the user’s free hand. In forward, users can adjust the speed from 0.9 to 2.7mph. The reverse speed is 0.9 mph. Each increment is defined with a click of a detente.

Directing the snow is achieved with a sure-handed push of a joystick across a 200-degree arc. Another lever raises or lowers the chute cowling. A bank of LED headlights, high and low on the machine, allows users to see no matter the conditions or time of day.

This snow blower comes standard with two 7.5 ah Arc lithium batteries. Ego said it can clear an eight-car driveway with 14 inches of snow on a single charge. It’s also available with two 10-Ah batteries that will give you 25 percent more run time. Included in the kit is Ego’s first duo charger that charges two batteries.

Ego also updated the original Ego single-stage snow blower. Features such as the brushless motor, sone-button start, 21-inch clearing width and easily directed chute remain. The company substituted hard rubber paddles for a new blower, model SNT2110, which has steel augurs that chew through the snow to send the snow flying up to 40 feet. It is also collapsable for storage. It can clear a 17-car driveway of up to 8 inches of medium density snow on a single charge.

All Ego tools come with a five-year warranty and a three-year warranty of the battery.

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