Ep.114: The next generation of smart controllers

January 21, 2015 -  By

Chris_SpainChris Spain, co-founder of HydroPoint, explains how this next generation of smart irrigation systems will make it possible for an irrigation contractor to respond to a high flow alert, remotely verify when the master valve is closed down and send a status report to the property manager.

Irrigation controllers have advanced significantly with the emerging growth of technology. Long gone are the days of faulty rain sensors or A and B settings to conserve and manage water. Today’s smart controllers can detect leaks or high flow issues as well as stuck valves or low flow issues. The controller can then wirelessly contact the contractor so that they can respond to the problem and repair it quickly and efficiently, oftentimes even before the client knew there was a problem. At a time when water is becoming scarcer and prices are rising, smart controllers are becoming a necessity for proper landscape and water management.

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