Ep. 118: Propane: Not just for grills

February 18, 2015 -  By

jeremy_wishartJeremy Wishart, deputy director of business development for the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), discusses why propane continues to grow in popularity as an alternative fuel source for landscape contractors.

According to Wishart, propane gas not only runs cleaner and cheaper than regular gasoline, but helps your engines last longer too. In addition, refilling your propane tanks is much easier than one would think. Liquid propane dealers can fill your cylinders directly, provide a scheduled cylinder exchange (empty for full) or provide you with a propane tank large enough to do your own refueling. PERC can help you with all of this and also provide you with significant cash incentives to use or convert your equipment to propane, but this offer only stands through March.

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