EPA accepts label updates for Anuew

March 4, 2016 -  By

Nufarm_Logo_Green650The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviewed and accepted a major label improvement initiative for the Anuew brand turf plant growth regulator. This action includes changes to the directions for use table and focuses on research driven information to improve turf growth and quality management.

“One of our main focuses was understanding the hows and whys for contestant turf growth management and quality with this new product,” said Rick Fletcher, Nufarm technical services manager. “Our research into understanding plant metabolism clearly indicated that Anuew was having a unique effect compared to other PRGs in its class and focused us on GDD modeling for reapplication interval labeling. Anuew is the first turf PGR to include such information as a guide for the user.”

This reapplication recommendation is based upon research performed by Bill Kreuser, Ph.D., with the University of Nebraska Lincoln and is based on his conclusions that a calendar-based PGR reapplication process is not ideal for maintaining yield suppression and turf quality. The new label identifies a recommendation of 280-350 GDD interval for reapplication timings of Anuew to assure even turf regulation and to avoid rebound growth.

Additional label updates include a modified turf use rate chart reflective of additional field research.


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