Evatech releases robotic slope mower

22T Photo: Evatech
Photo: Evatech

Evatech released its 2015 Hybrid GOAT 22T commercial robotic slope mower.

The 22T is a tracked mower that allows users to mow steep slopes safely, generates its own electric power and does not contain any fluids that could be harmful to a lawn, according to the company.

Evatech’s system allows the 22T to run for approximately 2.5 hours with 0.3 gallons of gas. With its 22-inch blade deck, the 22T is capable of mowing half an acre per hour of sloped property. The 6.75 hp gas engine allows the 22T to mow up to 4 feet tall grass. The 22T is also capable of mowing slopes of 50 degrees, plus or minus 10 degrees in either direction. The 22T weighs approximately 250 pounds.

The Hybrid Goat 22T uses a radio transmitter to control its operation, and the controller features two joy sticks. One joy stick controls the movement of the mower, while the other joy stick controls the gas engine. This simple design requires only one finger to operate the 22T, according to the company.

The machine sells for $8,299, and Evatech includes a one-year warranty on all of its robotic slope mowers.


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