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Have you ever sat in front of your computer and tried to will your job listing out into the world? While you continue to work on your superhuman skills, Proven can help you with the hiring process today.

Designed for small business owners, Proven allows users to post job openings to more than 100 job boards—including Monster, Indeed and ZipRecruiter—with one click.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of Proven’s features.

Managing your listing(s)

In addition to posting your listing to multiple job sites, Proven gives you a few options to customize how your listing appears.

Anonymous listing. Say, for example, you want to post a job discreetly. When creating the listing, you can select to post jobs anonymously and any company specific information will be removed from post.

Reposting/refreshing. Maybe you find yourself in the position of hiring on a more regular basis. You also will have the option to automatically repost your job to all boards on either a weekly or monthly basis.

Tracking. To help improve the effectiveness of the hiring process, Proven also provides reports detailing where your strongest candidates are finding your listings.

Organizing application submissions

Consistent format. Tired of getting resumes in weird formats that don’t render properly? Proven has you covered. The platform reads submitted resumes and displays each in a preset, formatted layout for you to scroll through.

Resume sorting. You can sort applicants into yes, no and maybe categories, so you’re only focusing on applicants with potential. You can then reach out to applicants from the platform. You also can set up your account to send out an automatic message to all candidates sorted into certain categories. It’s a nice perk if some applicants don’t meet your qualifications, and you’re looking to send out a message.

Mobile version. The mobile app version allows employers to post jobs, message candidates and more from any device.

Communicating effectively

Cutting down on no-shows. The creators of Proven have taken steps to ensure quality potential employees are applying to jobs listed through the platform. After every scheduled interview, the Proven team will check in with employers to see if the interviewee came in. Individuals who consistently miss interviews are removed from its system. Additionally, the interviewee will receive a reminder the day before the interview.

Unlimited users. Are there multiple people at your company who look at candidates? An unlimited number of users can be added to an account at no cost, allowing for multiple company personnel to have access to candidates’ information.

Pricing is on a per-job basis: $99 for one job; $79 for five jobs and $59 for 10 jobs. A 10-day trial is available.

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