FD2B “Talk” Radio Insight of the Night: A twist on customer loyalty

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It’s rare that somebody puts a spin on a topic that I thought I knew quite well. But that’s exactly what Tom Shay of Profits Plus Solutions did on FD2B Talk Radio last night. Instead of running through a laundry list of characteristics of what a loyal customer is, he changed the concept of customer loyalty and put the burden right on the contractor.

“The problem isn’t that our customers aren’t loyal to us, it’s that we are not loyal to our customers,” Shay said.  In other words, it’s our responsibility, as contractors, to follow up and to make sure that our clients are satisfied with the work we did, if they’re first-time design/build clients or if they’re ongoing maintenance clients.

The bottom line is, if you’re not loyal to your customers why should they be loyal to you?

To gain even more insight, listen to the interview in its entirety by clicking here.

Show: Promoting Customer Loyalty
Guest: Thomas Shay, Profits Plus Solutions, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Date: July 17, 2013

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