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One of the best ways to find and retain good employees while minimizing employee turnover at your company is to create standard operating procedures that allow both new and existing employees to be successful, according to Jay Murray, president of LS Training Systems. Compare this concept to what many companies do, which is hire somebody on Friday, start them on Monday and then have to fire them or watch them quit by the end of the week and then start the cycle all over again next Friday.

Employees learn best, Murray says, by “hearing, seeing, doing and then discussing.” Instead of putting a new hire out in the field and letting him learn (or more likely fail) by trail and error, take the time to properly train him. He suggests doing this by first explaining what the task is, then showing them exactly what they’re supposed to do. Next, let them perform the tasks themselves and then, finally, allow them to talk about what they’ve done so they can confirm any concerns or questions.

Show: Landscape performance enhancement training
Guest: Jay Murray, president of LS Training Systems, London, Ontario
Date: Feb. 20, 2013
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