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We all know it’s important to have a great estimating process, but what do you do with that information once the job is sold? According to Mike Lysecki of the Landscape Management Network, “A great estimate is also a plan for the job.” In other words, 50 percent of the value of an estimate is about determining the price (labor, materials, overhead and profit) but the other 50 percent is about job execution.  

For his crews to properly execute the installation, Lysecki provides them with what he calls a “job planner.” This job planner provides the production team with the information they need to install the job successfully and profitably. The landscape design shows them what to build, and the job planner is the breakdown or “recipe” of what they will need to actually build it, including number of man hours that are task-specific, material lists with estimated purchase prices and a list of the equipment needed to install the work.

Show: Stop “guesstimating” once and for all

Guest: Mike Lysecki, Landscape Management Network, Toronto
Date: January 9, 2013
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