Firestone Specialty Products: Water Management Solutions

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The new Water Management Solutions customizable product line is comprised of the Firestone EPIC Chamber (pictured), a drainage and irrigation system that use a natural passive process to manage and direct water resources; the Firestone EPIC Pan Sheet, corrugated plastic flat sheets that are assembled on-site for ease of installation; the Firestone EPIC Pan, an alternative to the pan sheet; the Firestone EPDM Geomembrane, a cured, single-ply liner used to capture water for reuse in subsurface irrigation; the Firestone Netlon Advanced Turf System (ATS), a polypropylene mesh blended into the soil profile to increase bearing capacity as well as root stability, allowing vegetative surface to have “spring back” capabilities; the Firestone NetPave 50, a structural, permeable, plowable recycled thermoplastic paver used for grass or gravel parking surfaces and paths for heavier vehicular traffic such as tractor trailers, fire trucks and ambulances; the Firestone NetPave 25, a lightweight permeable paving system installed on top of existing grass surfaces to improve bearing capacity for lightweight vehicular traffic; and the TurfGuard Paver, an extruded polyethylene mesh roll that is tough, flexible, long lasting and suitable for occasional vehicular access on soft subgrades.

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