Fisher Engineering launches HC plows, updates XLS plows

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Fisher Engineering

HC Heavy Contractor plow.

Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of Fisher snow removal and ice control equipment, launched the new HC Heavy Contractor plows.

Designed to fit up to a 27,500-lb. gross vehicle weight, the plow stands 34 inches tall and comes in 9-foot and 10-foot widths.

The HC plow’s 11-gauge powder-coated steel blade is reinforced with eight vertical ribs. It also includes larger hydraulic rams, pins, gussets and hardware, plus a T-frame design with a massive center pin, said the company.

The HC plows also feature an oscillating A-frame and a faster hydraulics system, which is built by Fisher specifically for Fisher plows, according to the company.

The product comes with the MinuteMount 2 snowplow mounting system and the Security Guard anti-theft system.

Accessories are available, including snow deflectors, blade angle stops, shoe kits, cutting edges and more.

Fisher Engineering

XLS expandable wing plow.

Fisher Engineering also updated its XLS expandable wing line of plows, including new blade options and sizes.

“Plow operators need to be ready to handle a wide range of situations, and that’s why we’re giving them even more options on our most versatile plow,” said Tyler Jones, product manager for Fisher. “It’s wider and taller but still agile, so it can clear more snow and do it better than ever before. A lot of fans have also been asking for a new stainless-steel XLS, and we’re excited to grant their wish.”

The XLS plows’ flared wings are expandable—and rise up to 36 inches—to help the operator maneuver in areas like parking lots or alleys.

Easy-touch button or joystick controls independently change the position of each wing, and the operator can easily switch the plow from scoop to windrow to straight blade from the driver’s seat, Fisher said.

The XLS snowplows are also 2 inches taller, standing at 31 inches tall, and offered in a new width of 8 feet, 6 inches, in addition to the updated 8-foot plow. The wider plow extends out to a full length of 11 feet, allowing it to fit up to Class 6 trucks.

Reinforced by 10 vertical ribs, a heavy-duty torque tube and a structurally reinforced slide box, the XLS plows sport a trip edge design to protect the equipment and operation in the event of an unseen obstacle. Only the bottom edge of the plow trips, so the blade stays upright and snow stays in front of the plow, according to the company.

The XLS plows are available in corrosion-resistant stainless steel and in the company’s signature yellow powder-coated steel.

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