Fisher launches new plow for skid-steers, straight blade plow and more

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Fisher Engineering expanded its product portfolio with the addition of a new plow, sprayer, rotary broom and dual-bulb halogen headlamps.

vcsPRAsset_3416304_60287_79eb0391-5127-435d-8e9a-95d4e091176b_0XRS plow

The XRS plow, designed specifically for skid-steers, features a new oscillating plow mount. It is standard on the XRS plow and optional on the HD2 and HDX skid-steer plows.

When angling the plow right or left, the plow automatically retracts the inside wing when full angled and then returns to the scoop position once straight.

The new oscillating mount features six degrees of side-to-side oscillation, improving scraping and cutting-edge wear, while also helping the plow adapt to uneven ground, the company said.

vcsPRAsset_3416304_60290_e1ee5aae-02a0-4087-b01a-1014741bf7fa_0Trailblazer UTV straight-blade plow

The newest UTV plow, the Trailblazer UTV straight-blade plow, is the third commercial-grade product Fisher designed specifically for UTVs.

The Trailblazer UTV straight-blade plow offers easy-on/easy-off attachment and removable receiver brackets, allowing for greater ground clearance when the plow is removed, the company said.

Other features on the straight-blade plow include a 6-foot powder coated, high-strength, low-weight alloy steel blade; four vertical ribs; standard high-carbon steel cutting edge; and full-trip blade protection.

“In the last year, we’ve helped our customers add UTVs to their plow fleets, and we’re continuing to give them options,” said Tyler Jones, product manager of Fisher Engineering. “This straight-blade UTV plow is lighter and more compatible, and has the strength worthy of the proud Fisher name.”

RB-400 rotary broom and SS-120 liquid sprayer


RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom

The new RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom combines the utility of a sweeper and a snowplow to clean pavement along buildings, curbs and sidewalks. This model includes seven handlebar height settings, active-assist steering and 360-degree turning.


SS-120 walk-behind liquid sprayer

The battery-powered SS-120 walk-behind liquid sprayer includes a height-adjustable nozzle that sprays up to 4 feet wide and a spray wand for taking care of stairs, entryways and other hard-to-reach places.

“Our customers take pride in every detail of their jobs, and sidewalks are no exception. We’re committed to giving them all the tools they need,” said Jones. “Now we can do that, with our full line of walk-behind products.”

Intensifire dual-bulb halogen headlamps

Fisher updated its entire line of truck snowplows with new Intensifire dual-bulb halogen headlamps.

vcsPRAsset_3416304_60286_2fca5044-269a-4aac-b859-cbb86b3088ce_0These new headlamps are 36 percent brighter and shine 35 percent further in high-beam mode than previous headlamps, and the new low beams concentrate light down in front of the plow for better visibility of the plowing area.

Additionally, Fisher added an improved seal and a Gore-Tex patch-protected vent to keep moisture out of the casing.

“With our new headlamps, all of our plows got an upgrade in safety, performance, and even style,” said Jones. “We believe our customers should be proud of their plows and the jobs they do with them, all while staying safe out there.”

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