FMC launches insecticide for control of above and below ground turf pests

(Photo: FMC)
Photo: FMC

FMC recently received federal registration enabling the launch of Durentis insecticide. This proprietary formulation for lawn care operators is focused on season-long protection from above- and below-ground chewing pests, including all 13 species of grubs and fall armyworms.

Durentis is a highly concentrated formulation of the active ingredient chlorantraniliprole, offering low use rates and requiring a single application for season-long control, according to the company. FMC said the new insecticide will provide a zone of protection around the roots along with systemic properties for upward translocation. The company said these unique physical properties allow Durentis to quickly move into the turf – protecting it without the need for excessive irrigation.

“Customer input led to the development of Durentis,” said Mike Sisti, FMC North America marketing manager. “Ongoing customer conversations and collaboration with FMC’s R&D team guided the development of this new tool for well-maintained lawns.”

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