Foamstream highlights latest technology at Equip Exposition

Logo: LM Staff
Logo: LM Staff

Foamstream said it will showcase its latest technology and innovations at its Equip Exposition booth, No. 23102.

Delivered patented equipment, Foamstream combines hot water and a biodegradable foam — made from natural plant oils and sugars — to offer an organic and herbicide-free alternative to traditional weed control methods. Foam insulates the hot water, ensuring that the heat penetrates the waxy outer layer of the leaf and travels down the stem and into the roots, killing or severely damaging the plant. In addition to eradicating the plant, Foamstream also sterilizes surrounding seeds and spores, helping to reduce future weed growth.

“Compared to hand-weeding, it equates to a 25 percent labor saving on each site which is in the region of 90 hours saved over the span of the season,” said Gary Berg Jr., chief operating officer for 4B Landscape & Construction in Chalfont, Pa.

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