Fox reveals new VersaPlow

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Fox VersaPlowFox unveils its new Fox VersaPlow for skid-steers and compact loaders.

Designed for retail parking lots, apartments, municipal campuses and industrial areas, it combines the functions of a box-style containment pusher, a backdrag containment box and a conventional snow plow into a single unit.

It’s available in 8-foot and 10-foot blade widths with a steel trip edge or urethane resilient edge.

Advanced hydraulic controls allow operators to change the configuration of the VersaPlow without the need to mount or remount equipment, according to Fox.

The unit is available with a 14-pin connector to fit most skid-steers and compact loaders, a seven-pin Canbus adapter for late-model Bobcat machines or a universal single-button diverter control and harness. It comes in floating or standard mount configurations.

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